FAQ Wax kit

How does the casting work? 

The metal takes the exact shape of your wax. It picks up an impressive amount of detail. You could say the wax will literally turn into your chosen metal. As the molten metal is poured into the mould the wax melts leaving the metal in its place. 


I want extra support?

No problem - Zoe offers one to one sessions but is also happy to answer any email questions! zoe@zmorton.com



If you would like to make earrings, please just write on your return slip EARRINGS. 


Earrings costs will be: 

Brass: £90

Silver: £110

9ct Gold: £530


(all our metals are recycled)

I want more wax?

No problem we can send you some out - just contact zoe@zmorton.com


How long will my wax take to cast? 

We will wait until we have at least 15 pieces before we do a casting. So once we have received back 15 we will get them cast. From then it will be around 2 working weeks. Don't worry we will keep you updated!


I want it to be high polished not just barrel polished? Whats the difference? 

When a casting comes out it has a little metal bit where the metal has been poured in, this is called the spru. So first we saw this off then a barrel polish is when its put in a barrel polisher which washes it around to make it shiny. It allows all the details to be kept. 

With a high polish you take off the surface of the piece to allow a smooth extra shiny finish. 


I want to add a professional hand engraving?

No problem - just email zoe@zmorton.com we work with some amazing hand engravers. 


Can I send more than one piece of wax back? 

Of course - just let us know on the the form when you send it back. 


Anything else? 

If we haven't been able to answer your questions here, please just email zoe@zmorton.com.