Growing Food From Your Food

Growing Food From Your Food
Wearing  The Vida Signet

Wearing The Vida Signet

During lockdown we have really got into our gardening, and the pure delight of growing food from our food.

Above you can see a Bok Choy grown from one we bought from the shops. All we did is stick the left over stalk in some water until it showed signs of growth and roots. We then planted it up in a pot. We have now done this with fennel, celery, garlic, spring onions. Its so easy to do and saves you a few pennies here and there too!

We have also started growing quite a few other fruit and veg - top tip to keep them pesky slugs - grapefruit skins and eggs shells! Also lay your strawberries on some straw - this also helps with slugs and stops the strawberries from sitting in damp soil. One more for luck - make sure you take the little extra growths from your tomato plants which grow out from the stalks otherwise they will take all the nutrients and leave you with small tomato’s!

Enjoy! We are loving seeing all our little plants grow and even better we get some delicious food at the end of it!

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