My mission

To challenge the jewellery industry and create a product people can be proud of wearing.

Much of the jewellery industry is made up of materials with supply chains that are impossible to chase. My personal mission has been to ask the questions and challenge the suppliers and provide my customer with honest clean materials that they can be proud to wear.


With every order we plant a tree

I work with Ecologi to plant a native tree with every order.

They also allow us to offset our carbon. You can read more about the projects by clicking the button below.

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Why I don't gold plate

It doesn’t last.

Gold plating is a thin layer of gold coating. It doesn’t sit well with me to sell a product which within six months will lose the gold "look" which you bought it for.

You can't clean up or polish gold plated items as you will simply just rub off the thin layer of gold and be left with the base metal the item is made from.  

We use solid brass silver or gold. Brass and silver do tarnish, and that's why our ZM packing has a natural jewellery cleaning recipe which allows you to clean your jewellery at home. Heres the recipe.

Gold plating uses some nasty chemicals which are often not disposed of correctly and so can be damaging to the environment and the people using them.

Once a piece is gold plated its much harder for  the metal to be melted down and recycled.

I am always looking for more sustainable options. If I can find a plating that lasts, allows you to easily recycle the metal and has no hazardous waste then, and only then will it be considered for ZM Jewellery.

"The jewellery industry has a checkered past, and I think it's time this changed."

Bali Production

I am really proud to be working with a workshop in Bali. They have incredibly high standards in terms of quality and in terms of sustainability. 

Their metals are 65 -100% recycled which allows the metal to still be of high quality. 

The resin we use is primarily sourced from by-products of pulp and paper manufacturing.

They employ the local community giving opportunity. I work closely with Anggi who is brilliant. The image is from one of their team outing days.

UK Production

All my bespoke pieces are produced in London, this way I can follow the process closely ensuring quality.  This means the people making your jewellery are paid a fair London wage. I am proud to support local craftsmanship and sell a product that is great quality and fairly made.

All the jewellery is cast out of recycled metals and when possible I source the chains and other parts from recycled metals, however this is not always possible - I’m working on this. Image is off Millie who makes most of your bespoke work!

Watch Sanjeewa cut a Sapphire

The gemstones are sourced and cut from sustainable mines in Sri Lanka. In 2019 I visited the stone cutting studio in Sri Lanka but unfortunately after heavy rain the mines where filled with water so we couldn’t visit them. We met Sanjeewa who you can see below - he is the main cutter and works alongside Chnandrasiri. With these stones I can tell you the mine they have come from and the person who as cut them (it will most likely be Sanjeewa!).

I am very excited to be working with Ocean Diamonds which are sustainably sourced diamonds, hand picked by specialist divers off the coast of South Africa. I will be able to tell you exactly where your diamonds have been picked up from. 

Recycled Packaging

Our boxes are made from recycled materials in Cornwall, England. They are made on uncoated paper which means you can put them in the garden to decompose.

Our bags are made from eco-friendly, OEKO-TEX Certified cotton - durable, washable which can be used for many years. Moreover, everything is made to measure - meaning there is not much waste produced. If there are some fabric waste they are recycled to cleaning cloths.


Got a question?

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