Look Good. Feel Good. Have fun. Remember your adventures. A piece of jewellery to remember the WOWEE moments in life. 

I have always been lucky enough to travel a-lot. Along the way I have met some incredible people and been to some amazing places. Have you ever been somewhere or with someone and thought WOWEEE I need to remember this. 

Well thats why I created ZM Jewellery. To have a physical piece to remember your adventures, those WOWEE moments in life. The jewellery I create, makes you look good, feel good, which in turn makes you have FUN!

Now living on the coast in Cornwall, I wear pieces that connect me to when I lived in Italy, my friends over in LA, hiking through Patagonia, my family.... all my memories are stored in my jewellery. 

A memory that you wear and reminds you to have more WOWEE moments.


Zoe x