The story of my engagement ring...

The story of my engagement ring...

inital drawingsCAD

It has been so fun to share the journey of my own engagement ring with you guys! It has allowed me to share the whole journey which is often hidden as so many of my bespoke jobs are surprises! 


It all started with an idea. An idea thought up between myself and my partner Luke. He is from Australia, I am from the UK. So we thought how about have one side which is Aussie and one side which is English. From there I decided a green Australian sapphire (I love green) and then just a simple stone from our local beach!  For me its never about the fancy stones its more about the meaning.


From there I drew a few very simple sketches, (when I say simple I literally mean scribbles on a bit of scrap paper!!) which then got drawn up into the above CAD drawing by Brogan. 

CAD printed


The next step was getting the CAD printed (see above)! It gets printed into wax ready for the casters who then make a mould, and pour molten metal into the mould. The metal then takes the place of the wax as the wax melts and drains out. 

It then got cleaned up and sent to the Assay office to get my hallmark stamped on. 

Sapphire ring

I then got it back for a try on before I set the stones. This was important for this ring as the stone from the UK was being specially cut and glued into the ring. Once this happens it's not really possible to resize. With harder stones such as diamonds its much easier to resize a ring once the stone is set as the stone is so hard so doesn't break when you heat the metal. 

 The Finished Ring: 




Thanks to, Lukes for helping me with design and concept. Brogan for CAD, Millie for polishing and everything, AA for casting, Roger for cutting and setting UK stone and Grant for setting Australian stone. Oh and Stuart for helping me source the Aussie stone! 

Theres alot of people to thank behind each bespoke piece of work I do - its a team effort! xx

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