Nordic Adventures

Nordic Adventures

Alone on a mountain, watching the sunrise and sunset everyday, empty slopes - what more could you want from a January escape. 

Skiing in the Alps is awesome however after this trip we decided its overrated! If you're like us and not interested in drunk Englishmen on their Apres, and you want some awesome quiet slopes and a great hot chocolate then Norway is highly recommended.

The drive was a few hours from Oslo along side beautiful lake Mjosa, which was steaming away due to the cold weather, which just added to the mystical adventure.

The skies were some of the most beautiful we have seen and the slopes were empty, it was perfect. No northern lights for us this time - but the skies were alive with yellows, pinks, purples and blues, and the glistening slopes were entirely our own. I cant wait to go back and explore some more! 

With the Greenwood pendant around my neck I have come back with many adventures and memories. We have found one of our serene scenes in Norway - go and find yours...



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