Sunday Sessions: On the Road with Ashley Watson

Sunday Sessions: On the Road with Ashley Watson
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So as a little intro, with the launch of our new collection ROADS every Sunday we will be jumping on the road with someone. 

This week we are on the road with Ashley Watson. Ashley combines his passions for design and motorcycles to engineer the most incredible motorcycle clothing and he's been on some pretty epic roadtrips.. 

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What's the most importing thing to take with you on a Roadtrip? 

A pencil and sketchbook, without a doubt. When I'm out riding it's a chance to step out of the day to day - for the distraction to fall away, for my imagination to run. All of the projects I’m currently developing stem from ideas that I’ve had on one trip or another. Sometimes inspiration comes from seeing something new but more often than not, it’s because I’m seeing the things that I take for granted in a new light. Whatever the trigger, I always want to have pencil and paper to hand.

Best moments / Worst moments that spring to mind?

Making my way from the Mediterranean into the Alps takes some beating. As I rode north towards Mont Blanc, each day the mountains became more and more impressive. One of the highlights was following a dirt track through a cave to a secluded lake surrounded by mountains. There were a couple of locals camping there who were really kind and shared their supper with me. I really couldn’t believe my luck; it was late in the day and I very nearly rode past the turning to find a campsite in the next valley – so, so glad I didn’t.

Do you plan your trips or just take them as they come? 

I like to have a general plan, I mark my map with the places I want to see and any recommendations that I get along the way. This gets strapped to the tank of my bike. The rest comes down to what I feel like doing. I’d always go for a map over a sat-nav; it gives a better understanding of what's around, a better gauge of distance. Admittedly there’s a greater risk of taking a wrong turn but that’s not always a bad thing.

Best road you've ridden? 

The West Coast of Scotland is the first place that comes to mind; the road leading into Glencoe being particularly incredible. The coastline up there is one of the most beautiful places that I’ve travelled through. For me, half of the appeal is that it’s close to home. To be reminded that you don’t have to travel far to feel like you’ve crossed the world.

Big thanks to Ash for chatting to us, we look forward to following the next adventures.. 

You can find his beautifully designed products here

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