Surf, Sun, Yoga and Wild Flowers

Surf, Sun, Yoga and Wild Flowers

Surf, sun, yoga and wild flowers makes for a pretty awesome trip to the south west corner of Portugal. 

Although it was a little colder than expected, it was seriously beautiful, surf was good, and the sun was out.

I stayed at Bura Surfhouse which was awesome. There were some really great people from all corners of the world in this little surfhouse. Our chefs where two English guys who had hitched hiked down from Amsterdam, cooking up some seriously tasty meals. We surfed in the day and then did yoga in the evening on the roof, watching the sunset. We had an amazing yoga teacher Maria. (who also does amazing massages) 

If you are like me and like to avoid the crowds this was a perfect time of year to head down this way....the beaches where empty, it was beautifully green and there were incredible wild flowers out. 

If you want to rent a car its only about 15 euros a day and you can head to numerous surf spots around the coast, you can also check out the point that marks the end of Europe Cabo de São Vicente. It was seriously windy when we stopped off here. Just enjoy and get lost.

Cheap flights out, cheap living out there - get down there quick before the crowds start descending! 



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