The Art of doing Absolutely Nothing


The Art Of Doing Absolutely Nothing

Slowing Down

For some of you, this might just be the time to do absolutely nothing.

Here are a few things to help you slow down and do nothing..


Every morning my partner and I have been waking up and doing half an hour to an hour of stretching. I can’t recommend this enough, I feel like a new woman! Get your Yogi Bare mat here.

Drink Coffee and Lie In The Sun

It’s sunny in the UK, amazing I know… so slow down and enjoy it, and get that vitamin D your body’s been craving all winter! Even if you can’t get outside sit by a sunny window.


There was never a better time to give meditation a go. I have been doing 21 days of meditation with a group of friends via WhatsApp and have loved it! The Headspace app is always a great place to start.


Summer Slippers

Indulge lazy days around your home in our Summer Slippers.. take a look here.




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