The Art of doing Absolutely Nothing

The Art of doing Absolutely Nothing

The Art Of Doing Absolutely Nothing

Slowing Down

For some of you, this might just be the time to do absolutely nothing.

Here are a few things to help you slow down and do nothing..


Every morning my partner and I have been waking up and doing half an hour to an hour of stretching. I can’t recommend this enough, I feel like a new woman! Get your Yogi Bare mat here.

Drink Coffee and Lie In The Sun

It’s sunny in the UK, amazing I know… so slow down and enjoy it, and get that vitamin D your body’s been craving all winter! Even if you can’t get outside sit by a sunny window.


There was never a better time to give meditation a go. I have been doing 21 days of meditation with a group of friends via WhatsApp and have loved it! The Headspace app is always a great place to start.


Summer Slippers

Indulge lazy days around your home in our Summer Slippers.. take a look here.



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