Why we love gold?

Why we love gold?

Its made from two stars colliding!

Did you know gold is made from two stars colliding? A supernovae. We're not scientists but you can read more about it on National Geographic here

Corrosion Resistance / Durability 

It doesn't oxidise, tarnish like other metals do. This means you can wear it all the time and it will remain looking shiny.

It has incredible durability, you could bury your gold (like many have in the past) and someone could find it years/centuries later in the same condition as you left it!! Thats why its perfect for special pieces of jewellery you want to pass down generations. We unfortunately age, but gold doesn't. Its there to hold all your memories forever. 


Its Timeless

It's timeless and for centuries has been desired with its shiny complexion and has long since been associated with wealth and power.  Unlike clothing its there for the long run.


Thats why we will be using gold for our Limited Edition piece.  


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