ZM Travels: 24 hours in Paris

ZM Travels: 24 hours in Paris

Ok so we had a tiny bit more thank 24 hours but we managed to eat all the croissants in town. Heres are top tips for our quick trip to Paris: 

- Book in advance and get a cheap Eurostar, I always forget how much I love the train, two hours later and you need to remember to attempt to speak French.

- We stayed in La Marais with a friend, which was pretty lucky as its an awesome area and we spent the morning at Camille Cafe eating croissants and drinking coffee, and the evenings sipping red wine. Lots of nice shops including Han Kjobenhavn where I naughtily bought some new sunnies.



Musée de l'Orangerie honestly my favourite gallery in Paris if not the world. It has the most incredible giant Monet's lining the walls. Take a moment to be still, sit down, and enjoy.

Another incredible one was Atelier Brancusi, another place which just effects you, from the curation to the work itself.

Last but not least we also really enjoyed Musée National Picasso.

Music venue - Le Trainon

Our one night in Paris was kind of well timed... it turned out an old friend of mine had a gig at Le Trainon. It was a real nice venue so check out whats playing there... SHELLS killed it. (she was also wearing some pretty awesome earrings...)

Eating - we ate alot....

So we ate alot but after the gig we meandered our way back stopping at different places having 'snacks' and a glass of red wine. Our first one we went to was a winner, it was called 'Marcel & Clementine' and we had an amazing glass of red wine and Ceviche... it was YUM.






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