A Little Natural Cleaning Recipe For Your Jewellery

We Recommend you store all your jewellery in a dry safe place between wears, our little bags/boxes are perfect. 

You should remove all your jewellery before: 



3. Sleeping

4. Swimming

We also recommend you avoid contact with perfumes. 


Your jewellery will naturally change in colour with wear. We like to enjoy this journey. However, if you feel it needs a clean up, our recommended ways are below:

1. Washing up liquid 

Use a soft toothbrush and washing up liquid and scrub gently. Rinse with fresh water and pat dry. 

2. Natural Polish

1. Use the juice of half a lemon and mix with baking soda. 
2. Use the paste with a cloth or soft toothbrush to polish your jewellery. 
3. If heavily tarnished leave on for a a little bit. 
4. Repeat until clean and then rinse with water. 
(This recipe is also on the Journal Here)

3. Use a jewellery polishing cloth

Thank you, and we hope you love your piece of ZM Jewellery. Please note that none of our jewellery is gold plated, you can read why here. Do not use any of these methods on gold plated jewellery as it will simply rub of the gold plate ( part of the reason why we don't gold plate!)