Remembering the Adventure ~ Part ||| Florence, Italy

Remembering the Adventure ~ Part ||| Florence, Italy
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The Final part before I set up ZM Jewellery took place in Florence, Italy.

I drove my little car from London to Florence to take a 3 month Jewellery course at Alchemia Jewellery School.

It was here that I furthered my skills in making and challenged my ideas in designing. I was lucky to be taught by some incredibly talented contemporary jewellery designers who pushed me to create.

From my previous travels I had gained the ideas behind the brand, Florence reinforced these and allowed my technical skills to develop and be challenged.

I started to do the initial parts of building the brand while I was in Florence. From writing an initial business plan to trying out various website layouts.

After finishing the course I drove back to the UK and started to draw together ideas for my first collection - The Greenwood Collection.

the greenwood collection

This collection is inspired by woodlands wanderings and is named after my grandfather Laurence Greenwood. I put the collection into production and shot it with an incredible photographer Jack Snell in the woods my grandfather used to walk in.

Later I brought out ‘The Marmo Collection’ which is inspired by my adventures in Italy and uses marble from the Italian moutains.

In the last 3 years the business has been growing, from gaining worldwide stockists to creating bespoke engagment and wedding rings. Although the business has grown the values are still the same, I am creating jewellery from my adventures to remind you of yours. I hope to strip it back and look at jewellery for the meaning behind the pieces rather than the stones or metal its made from.

My lastest collection was designed and made in the UK and I Recently colaborated with The Kip Sri Lanka where I held a workshop teaching the making process. I was lucky to work with some amazing people out in Sri Lanka and can’t wait to show you more. Sign up to the newsletter to be the first to hear about workshops, new pieces and more.

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