Sustainable Sapphires from Sri Lanka

Sustainable Sapphires from Sri Lanka

Since doing more bespoke work I have been working hard to source stones from sustainable sources, such as these sustainable Sapphires from Sri Lanka.

The Sapphires I use come from Sri Lanka and so I took a trip out to meet the people mining and cutting the stones to confirm the supply chain was sustainable.

I met with Janaka in Columbo who showed me the cutting studio which is on the roof of his family home. Here I met Sanjeewa and Chnandrasiri who both cut the stones.

I hoped to visit the mines too, but after heavy rain they where filled with water so the mine was closed - I will go back next year and try again! All the sapphires I use come from this supply chain and I can tell you the mine they come from and most likely the person who cut them.

Below are some images of Sanjeewa and Chandrasirj cutting the Sapphires.


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