Sunday Sessions: Hanging with Britt Fabello

Sunday Sessions: Hanging with Britt Fabello

You are originally from the US, and so we know you've done quite a bit of travelling :) - do you have any favourite places? 
Oh yes! Morocco always tends to stand out when I reflect back on the last few years. I traveled to Marrakech and took a road trip to the Sahara and then onward to Fez. There were many inspiring moments that stick so strongly with me—staying at a Kasbah with no electricity, the hazy pink light of Marrakech, the rolling dunes of the desert at sunset…I could go on and on. I also love Sweden. Partly because it reminds me of back home, but I also found the archipelago to be a special place. The islands with their dirt paths, sandy beaches, and wooden homes are peaceful. Life felt simple and slow there (in the best way possible). Lastly, I have to mention Croatia because I have found myself there almost every year since I started extensively traveling. For a summer getaway, it's amazing!


On a chilly December day we popped up to Primrose Hill to hang with Britt Fabello.

Brit orginally from New England, USA moved to London around 4 years ago. As soon as we discovered her artwork we fell in love with it. She creates beautiful pieces of hand-sewn artwork on recycled paper.

Britt wears our sunshine pendant.

Tell us how it all started?! 
It is hard to pinpoint a start for me. Art has been a part of who I am my whole life. It came naturally to me and it helped guide me on my path. I entered university as a studio art major excited to dive into my practices, but I didn’t enjoy the forced creating (as silly as that sounds). Halfway through I switched universities and graduated as a graphic designer for more stability. I thought it was the “right” choice. After freelancing in that field and running my own design business, I never quite felt like I was getting what I wanted out of my day to day. During that time, I would spend my free time painting or drawing. It was those moments that slowly began to bring the artist in me out again. I eventually got to the point where I couldn’t turn back. For the first half of 2018, I was tying up loose ends and making the transition from designer to full-time artist. I’m grateful to say that is where I am at right now. I’ve been enjoying this new stage of life. Waking up and creating for myself in the hopes to inspire others.


What is your best memory from your travels and do you have a piece of jewellery to remember it?!

Honestly, my favorite memory would have to be a very simple one from Sweden. I was with my husband and one evening on our way back from a day of wandering we decided to see if we could find a beach to swim at. After some time wandering through the woods, we eventually reached a sandy beach that was completely empty. It was cloudy and the sun was just about down. The air was getting cool, but the water was still warm from the summer’s heat. We enjoyed just swimming, the smell of the nearby pine trees, and the salty air of the open sea. It was one of those perfect ending to a perfect day scenarios.

Unfortunately, I do not have a piece of jewellery to remember it but that would be lovely! I do enjoy collecting things when I travel—ceramics, artwork, and antiques. I have a few pieces of jewellery that I managed to get along the way. Such as a bracelet from Bosnia that I wear almost every day and ceramic earrings from Lake Como.


What inspires you with your artwork? 

My artwork is heavily inspired my observations—both visually and spiritually—during my travels. While in the moment, I take photographs or sketch my surroundings. These studies come home with me so I can further explore the energies in different environments in my final pieces. By translating them into more abstract visuals, the markings aim to show the strength in positive movement and how we can learn from our differences. Each individual piece takes us on its own journey in hopes to not only inspire us to reflect outward but also within ourselves in order to encourage understanding and peace amongst us all.


Whats the next adventure?! 

The next couple adventures lined up are both in the Alps to ski. First up will be Germany and on the second one, I will return to a favorite spot in Austria. I just picked up skiing last year and fell madly in love with it. There’s a lovely atmosphere around it—enjoying nature, getting exercise, sitting down to a nice cozy meal at the end of the day, reading by the fire. It’s refreshing. After those though, South Africa!


Massive thanks to Brit for hanging with us for the morning and showing us around her beautiful home studio. You can see more of Brits work HERE

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