Sunday Sessions: Hanging with Zoe from Wunder Workshop

Sunday Sessions: Hanging with Zoe from Wunder Workshop
Zoe wears the Sunshine Pendant in Brass

Zoe wears the Sunshine Pendant in Brass

On the first day of rain in London for what seems like ages we met Zoe from Wunder Workshop in her beautiful home in Notting Hill, west London. We sat down with one of her delicious golden glow lattes in amongst her beautifully decorated home with old potion bottles and healing crystals surrounding us. We chatted about past and future adventures, what inspired Zoe to start Wunder Workshop and more….


How did it start?

I started Wunder Workshop 4 years ago. My late mother was a naturopath so ever since I was little I remember being surrounded by interesting books about botanicals and herbal medicine. We grew a lot of our own vegetables and ate beautiful fresh biodynamic vegetarian food. We used to take trips out to Sri Lanka and this is where turmeric really started to stand out to me as an incredible plant. All in all, it felt natural to me, after a little university and career detour, to start my own work with plants and their mind-blowing capabilities.

I went back to Sri Lanka and jumped on the back of tuk-tuks all-round the country in search for the best organic turmeric farmers.


Once I had found community farmers with whom I wanted to work together and more importantly who also wanted to work with me, I went back to the UK and started Wunder Workshop with my first product - Golden Mylk. My boyfriend Tom soon joined the journey too.

We all know how busy Christmas can be, so we asked Zoe to give her advice on keeping healthy and fresh in this busy season.

For me it is all about balance, which really means enjoying yourself and not denying yourself everything unhealthy or alcoholic, as a healthy happy mind is just as important! However, I think it is really important to have daily rituals of selfcare and self-nurture. Whether this is by having warming immune boosting drinks or regular yoga/meditation/sound bath practices. I love using my Golden Glow blend at this time of year, as it contains Siberian Ginseng which is a warming tonic herb. I also like using the Golden Turmeric Honey with a bit of apple cider vinegar and lemon to boost my immune-system, or I add it to a warming porridge. For pure relaxation I love to go to floatation tank which really helps me switch off and clear my mind, or a meditation session at Re:mind studio.

Whats the next adventure?

Tom and I have just got back from LA collaborating with the likes of Osea Malibu, Ra Ma Institute and Mercado Sagrado but now I am about to move to Mallorca for a month or so to concentrate on certain aspects of the business and spend some more time in nature to grow and expand my ideas. In January we will be off to Sri Lanka again to visit the farms and spend time with the wonderful people who grow and produce our products.


If you haven’t already, go check out all their products. From the teas to the CBD oils they really are amazing and will keep you glowing through the winter months.


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