Sunday Sessions: Hanging with Vivian Kim in Southern California

Sunday Sessions: Hanging with Vivian Kim in Southern California

Hanging in Southern California with Vivian Kim

I met Vivian on my last trip out to LA. I had a little pop up and was looking to shoot my two new collections. As soon as I met her for coffee and a doughnut it honestly felt like I had known her all my life. We planned a shoot day and had so much fun cruising from beach to mountains shooting my two new collections.  

As always its the people you meet who make a place Vivian was for sure one of the people in LA who made it for me.

She's a photographer, foodie, longboard surfer and has an insane dog called Brixton.....



How did you fall into photography? Did you study it?

 To be honest, I knew I loved photography when I had my first flip phone with a camera… Maybe 10 years ago? Cameras were so intriguing to me. I’ve always loved being able to capture moments that could otherwise be lost. About 5-6 years ago, however, is when something really clicked for me. Photography became not only capturing a moment, but capturing light, colors, and their relationship with my surroundings. I was living in Malibu, so beautiful landscapes were not hard to come by. My camera was my tool to capture the otherwise invisible—the wind, if not found in the swaying trees or the ripples in the sea; the warmth of the sun, if not portrayed onto glowing, freckled skin. 


What inspires you? 

Nature inspires me; to slow down, to appreciate, and to wonder. It’s so easy to get caught up in this fast-paced world, and I think we can all recognize that. When I am in nature—without my phone, without pressures of work, without my brain wholly consumed by the superficial—I feel free. I feel myself. In fact, I am just able to FEEL more, in general. I feel more, I observe more, I listen more, and how can one not be inspired when she is experiencing this incredible world?


When your on an adventure / Roadtrip whats your essentials?

My adventure essentials: my dog, Brixton, a good mixtape (mine is an the first Lumineers album), a film camera (because it’s nice to take a photo then put away the camera to enjoy the moment), and jumper cables.


Best thing you've seen recently with your own eyes?! 

I was on a boat island-hopping from Bali to Gili Trawangan—the sky was vast and clear, the sun was sparkling on the light blue water, and all around were colorful sails and boats floating…


Travel tips?

 #1) Pack light. Almost always, you need less than you think. I always end up wearing the same pair of jeans for three days straight. It makes you way more flexible when you’re in transit. 

#2) Embrace the highs and lows. The highs will be undoubtedly amazing, but there are frequently road blocks and/or obstacles that require problem-solving or changing plans. Make the best of what you can do, and try to remain calm/positive when something goes unexpectedly to save yourself the stress. 


Massive thanks to Vivian for the the Hangs and the little story - cant wait for hangs back in England soon...

Check out her work here.

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