Anton + Alma

Anton + Alma

I first met Anton when he contacted me about an engagement ring for his girlfriend Alma. When we first met over a coffee I knew this was going to be an exciting commission. We talked about Alma and her interests to get a feel for what this ring would be like.

Alma is an incredible ceramist and much of her work is inspired by the likes of Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth.  So with her ring we wanted to create a piece that was totally her. 

Many coffees later along with Anton showing me pictures and talking about Alma we hand carved this beautiful ring with texture on one side and polished on the other. 

After hearing so much about Alma I finally got to visit her studio at Turning Earth in Hackney. I am now a proud owner of one of her beautiful pieces. 

For me creating pieces like this is incredibly special for me and I have so enjoyed getting to know Anton and Alma. I also love that I now have a beautiful pot to remember the commission.

Thank you Anton and Alma! 

Be sure to check out Almas beautiful work here

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