Sunday Sessions: On the Road with Sophie Hellyer

Sunday Sessions: On the Road with Sophie Hellyer
Sophie Hellyer Surfing
Sophie Hellyer swimming

 So this week we have had a little chat with Sophie Hellyer. Sophie Hellyer is a surfer, environmentalist & writer living on the Atlantic coast of Ireland.

With English and British surfing titles Sophie Hellyer loves the ocean. She has worked with the likes of Finisterre, Toyota and Hunter Boots. She is passionate about creating positive social change and protecting our oceans.

So listen up for her notes on the road...


What's the most importing thing to take with you on a Roadtrip.. this can be a few items... 

I try to take my flask, keep cup, metal straw, water bottle, spork and bamboo toothbrush everywhere! It's SO hard to avoid single use plastics on the road and these items make it a little easier.

Best moments / Worst moments that spring to mind. 

The bad: Flat tyres on rental cars in the middle of nowhere, lost board bags on flights, injuries that kept me out of the water in tropical places. 

The Good: Driving a new road and being amazed by the beauty around every corner, quiet little camping spots, sleeping on the side of the road in Norway with no tent and being woken up by drizzle and sunrise.

Do you plan your trips or just take them as they come? 

I don't do much planning for personal holidays , I might have an idea of some places I want to visit but no fixed schedule. I like to just see how I feel each day and do whatever I want to, stay a couple nights if it's beautiful or move on if not.

Best road you've ridden?

That's such a hard call! The road at home called the wild Atlantic way stretches all the way down the coast of Ireland, my favourite sections are  from ballyvaughan down through the burren to cliffs of moher, and the dingle peninsula. The route 1 up through big sur in California is also epic, and anywhere in Oregon or Norway!


Be sure to follow Sophie's journey here.

Sophie Hellyer
Sophie Hellyer surfing
Sophie Hellyer Swimming
Sophie Hellyer surfing
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