Travel Tips, Melbourne Australia : ZM Travels

Travel Tips, Melbourne Australia : ZM Travels

Well it was pretty obvious to me why Melbourne has been voted the best city to live in for the past few years.... 

I loved hanging out there. Its got everything you need and seriously good vibes. Not to mention the coffee food and ice cream.

It was awesome to hang out with some old friends, and see how their lives now work and see all their successes. Heres a few of my favourite spots while I was there. 

Coffee.... well pretty much anywhere but a couple of my favourites where Dukes Coffee on Flinders Lanes and Addict on Johnson street.

Doughnuts - Short Stop - it blew my mind.

Ice Cream - Messina, again it blew my mind.... after living in Italy Im a tough candidate when it comes to ice cream, but really, they got it down.

NGV - Such an awesome gallery and it was showing Degas and an incredible exhibition on Japanese Basket Making.

Stores, well there are loads of awesome independant stores about, just wander around Fitzroy and Brunswick street and take it all in. Theres a particularly awesome menswear store started by an old friend of mine Christian Kimber. You can find this on the corner of Smith and Johnson. I might be biast but one of the most beautifully curated stores Ive been to, every detail has been thought of.  Enjoy a coffee with Christian himself and browse some incredible menswear products. 

Botanical Gardens - So beautiful and well worth an afternoon stroll.

If you feel like you want to see the ocean, jump on a bike and head down to St Kilda to get your seaside fill and grab an ice cream, its actually got an english seaside vibe with the beach huts. 

Well thats a tiny bit of what Melbourne has to offer and so get out there and enjoy! 




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