In Praise of Camping Out

In Praise of Camping Out

In Praise of Camping Out

By Zoe Morton


Stirring to the sound of the waves crashing on the beach, peeking one eye open to see the sun rising. For me, there is no better way to wake.


I’ve had many special mornings waking in the wilderness. Before my van, I loved to camp out. From almost being flattened by crazy hail storms to freezing to death in Yosemite with no blankets and nothing but a broken borrowed tend for shelter - camping isn’t always glamorous, but rain or shine, it always leaves you with incredible memories.


After a long trip back from Italy, I decided I needed an upgrade. A tent was great, but as a jewellery designer living in a busy city like London, my van would give me the creative space I craved. It’s these camping trips and the stories I bring back from them that inspire me.

Camping in a van will always get you the best spots right on the beach. Whether you are on the coast of France, California, or Devon, swinging the doors open at first light and running down the dunes for a morning surf before the parking man catches you is one of the best feelings.


On a surfing trip to Cornwall, we lit campfires with the little stove and wood that I always keep on hand. There is nothing better than cooking over an open flame and watching the sunset over the ocean with friends. Despite it being March and freezing cold, in the morning, we woke up and had fresh water showers in a waterfall with a sea view. There was no phone signal, and we had it all to ourselves.


One of the best things about camping is the stars. This past summer I lay in the back of my van with the doors wide open, my friend Will, author of The Book of Tides, sitting on the back step in front of me, teaching me how to navigate at sea using the night sky as guidance.

The jewellery I create is all about these moments and reminding yourself to keep making memories of that moment in time. Think of what you could create if only you allowed yourself the freedom to get outside and get inspired. 

These are the moments that connect you back to nature, to living simply and to how happy you can be with just a few possessions and no internet connection. It refreshes the mind and the soul and often puts everything in perspective. That email that annoyed you earlier in the week won’t seem to matter anymore. It reminds you to live in the moment rather than constantly worrying about what’s to come. 


Jewellery worn:

Mens Marmo, Sunshine Pendant, Palm Tree Signet, Roundabout Earrings, Marmo Signet, Greenwood Ring Band.

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With thanks to Annabel Vickers and Desmond & Dempsey this article can be found in Desmond & Dempsey’s Sunday paper - The Big Dreamers Issue.

Many thanks to Vivian Kim, Oil Hillyer Riley and Lucy Harrison for the imagery.

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