ZM Travels: Morocco wanderings...

ZM Travels: Morocco wanderings...

We recently took a trip to Morocco as this is were the palm part of the palm carrier is made. 

We flew into Agadir and travelled down to a little village known for its surf, called Taghazout.

We highly recommend that you rent a car as there are some great surf breaks and mountains close by.

Heres our top tips....

Food... obviously get a Tagine or two locally but if your in search of a little more european food we can highly recommend the Italian restaurant at Munga Guest house this was truly yum. Surf Maroc's Cafe also serves up a real good bean burger.

We stayed at Surf Berbere in a little apartment right on the water which was super rustic and beautiful. Other places that looked really cool where Surf Maroc and Munga Guesthouse but also the houses for rent on Anchor point (a surf break right on the rocks). Take a look at the first image and you may even be able to make out the number to call to rent that beautiful little house on the rocks.

For sure head into the next door town (Tamraght) and check out Babakoul cafe for a mean smoothie and waffle. 

Head just a little further along the coast to the town next door to find a little slice of real Morocco, busy streets, crazy driving and lots of shouting! If you want any presents heres a good place to barter your way to a good deal on some beautiful Moroccan coffee cups. If you drive through this town you head up into the mountains which is really beautiful and has incredible light at sunset.

In terms of surf Anchor points for the braver ones (not me). For the rest of us there are some amazing waves all down the coast just drive off road and find your spot.

You will be sure to find some nice waves all to yourself, but enjoy it as there are some huge developments on the go so its sure to change. 

Oh and one last thing - walk up the hill behind Taghazout to find the skate park - its a pretty awesome view from up there.

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