ZM Travels : Sri Lanka

ZM Travels : Sri Lanka

ZM JEWELLERY in SRI LANKA from Phoebe Galloway on Vimeo.


Early in 2019 I took an adventure to Sri Lanka.

First stop was Columbo to look at the Sapphires that go in your Jewellery. It was amazing to see the sustainable supply chain of the stones and ensure the process was as sustainable as it could be. You can see more about the stones here.


I then went on to the mountains, and then to the coast to host an Earring Making Workshop at a boutique hotel - The Kip Sri Lanka. (Read more from the founders of the Kip - Seddy and Phoebe here.)

At the coast our great friend and amazing videographer Phoebe Galloway joined me. I met Phoebe quite a few years ago now, through the one and only Molly Jeffery (co-founder of Pyjama company Desmond & Dempsey).
When I spoke to Phoebe about my trip to Sri Lanka we thought it would be a pretty good meeting point (her coming from Australia and me from London).

It turned out to be quite the adventure, we met so many friendly faces along the way and this little video sums up our time out there. (Massive thank you to Phoebe for creating it!)

After spending a month in Sri Lanka I felt like I barely scratched the surface and can’t wait to go back, but here are my top tips from the places I did get to explore.

Columbo is a big busy city but make sure you get a few Tuk Tuk rides and find time to relax….

  • Cafe Kumbuk -the most delicious food and chilled out vibes.

  • Urban Island - An amazing selection of products designed and handcrafted in Sri Lanka.

  • Plus Nine Four - Garden Cafe with yummy food and coffee.

  • Paradise Row Gallery and Cafe - Set in one of the amazing architect Geoffrey Bawa buildings, this cafe is amazing for a stop off to swoon over the architecture. I would recommend to get to as many of Geoffrey Bawa’s buildings as you can while in Sri Lanka.

  • Stay - At this amazing airbnb where you will be welcomed into a Family home by Indira.


I then moved to the mountains in Ella - if you can book the train in advance (3 months or so) I was too late to do this but its meant to be amazing!

Its a beautiful area but I avoided the town of Ella as it looked a little too busy. Instead I found a more remote waterfall which is also the 2nd highest in Sri Lanka - DIYALUMA FALLS.

Its about an hour or so in a tuk tuk, and you need to get the tuk tuk driver to drop you at the top of the waterfall round the back. This allows for a hike all to yourself down to the falls. Make sure you go in the pool right on the edge its quite the view! (ps the tuk tuk drivers might be reluctant to take you this way but if you can persuade them to its really worth it. )

Bayan Camp - Unawatuna National Park

This is the most peaceful and magical place. I don’t want to spoil it for you…. but just go..


I then met Phoebe and cruised around the coast - a few places that stood out I have listed below.

The Kip Sri Lanka - I know I have spoken quite a bit about The Kip, but it really is amazing. I can’t recommend it enough - and make sure you have brunch there - the vegan cake and cashew milk ice latte is AMAZING. Our favourite cake (after much deliberation) was the Mocha, but the other two are amazing too! Its also got a beautiful little shop with brands such Janni and George.

Hiriketiya Beach - Such a beautiful little spot with lovely chilled longboard waves. We stayed in Pepper guesthouse which is amazing for location, it looks over the bay so you can just wake up and check the surf. I would also really recommend Malu Poke which is next door - it was our go to for delicious cardamon iced coffees and poke bowls between surfs.

Its a short work over to Dickwella beach where you can visit Verve which has incredible food, and often does live music.

Sri Lanka is a truly special country which gives out so many smiles and happy memories. I can’t wait to get back!!


Massive thank you to all who we met in Sri Lanka - so many wonderful people. Video is all shot on Super 8.

(Featuring and big thanks too….Wetsuits from La Bamba NYC, Jumpsuits Janni & George, Location The Kip Sri Lanka, Jewellery ZM Jewellery, featuring, @shestakovskaya. Music by @baskervillainband)



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