Wild Swimming Guide: London, UK and more...

Wild Swimming Guide: London, UK and more...

Our Swimming Guide…

Its a heatwave here in London, 39+ degrees and everyones wondering what to do… so heres our swimming guide to cool you all down…

  1. Hampstead Heath Ponds - This is my favourite spot - especially the women’s pond - it has a very special feeling about it. Theres nothing better than jumping in with ducks.

  2. West Reservoir Centre - Stoke Newington - You need to do an open water test (Monday evenings) but once you’ve done that you can head on down.

  3. Hyde park Serpentine Lido - if your stuck in central London and need a cool off!

  4. I prefere fresh or salty water, but London also has lots of nice Lido swimming pools..

  5. Walpole Tidal Pool Margate - I haven’t made it here yet but its top on the list!

  6. We recently took a trip to Copenhagen and being able to just jump in the water around the city was such a treat……we might just be moving soon!

  7. Devon and Cornwall have so many hidden little bays that you can go out and find but we’ve named a few of the bigger places to swim below..

  8. Bude Sea Pool - such a beautiful setting.

  9. Jubilee Pool Penzance - again we need to make it here, it looks amazing with its art deco features.

  10. Porthtowan Tidal Pool - lovely spot for a dip.

    The UK has amazing spots for wild swimming. From the coast to waterfalls in the Brecon Beacons, and beautiful lakes in the Lake District. Get out there and explore them - especially in this beautiful weather. I can reccommend The Outdoor Swimming Society for more information on wild swimming - they are amazing.

Let us know if you find any special spots…

pick some jewellery to remember your favourite swiming spot
Copenhagen - we fell in love - wearing ZM rings….

Copenhagen - we fell in love - wearing ZM rings….

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