ZM x Anthropologie: Behind the Scenes

ZM x Anthropologie: Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes 

We got lost in a sea of boxes and jewellery! 
During the whole process, I moved from London to Cornwall staying a month with my parents in between (after isolations with each move). 
So the pieces were first created in my studio in Clapton Hackney. I experimented with different concepts and ideas and then after meetings with the Anthropologie team we finally decided to create an extension to my Roads collection. Each piece was carefully created before being handed over to the casters for the samples to be made. 
The boxes were stamped at my parent's house, each one individually by me. Then the final pieces where cast in London, and then finally hand packed by me in Cornwall on our little cottage on a cliff in St Agnes.
Once we had finally packed and shipped the pieces, I then did a shoot in Cornwall for Anthropologie to feature on their social media.  So keep an eye out for these - I will also be sharing some!!
So much care has been put into each piece. I really do hope you love them as much as I do. 
Zoe xx
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