44 Years Married

44 Years Married


Married 44 years is really quite the achievement. This is my Mum and Dad, Kate and Andrew, pictured in their beloved greenhouse, which produces the sweetest of nectarines, tomatoes, and more. 


Mum is wearing the Plantlife Hoops in recycled brass. They not only remind her of happy summer days pottering in and around the greenhouse but of the twists and turns of life. 


As always life has brought ups and downs, twists and turns, but they are still smiling.


What's their secret - I think it's always smiling and joking around. My Dad is known for his giggle and my Mum for her warm smile. So keep smiling! 


 I know my parents can't wait to give their 4 little grandchildren big hugs. Fingers crossed by the summer that might just happen for all grandparents out there. In the meantime let's try to remind them that that day will come soon. We are so close. 


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